Bringing Veterinary Care Home

The Mollycoddle App connects veterinarians with pet owners to deliver in-home veterinary care. Mollycoddle provides a solution for veterinarians and pet owners to find each other. Veterinary providers can define their geography, services, availability and rates. Pet owners can narrow their search and limit results to veterinary providers that fit their criteria and location.

Rejoice – home veterinary care is here!

Why Mollycoddle Makes Sense for Veterinarians and Pet Owners.

  • Lower Stress Levels
  • More Personalized Service
  • It’s the right thing to do….
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Our Inspiration

We founded Mollycoddle because taking our sweet kitty cat to the vet was an exercise in stress for her and us. Getting her into the crate, the ride to the clinic, her fear in the exam room, the very real physical reaction to the visit, as well as the residual stress it left her with after returning home was just too much. All this made it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain an accurate assessment of her health.We were able to convince a few vets to do exams in our home, and she was a completely different cat. We also discovered regular assessments at the house allowed us to continue to monitor her well-being, without all the stress associated with everything leading up to, and including, the clinic visit. We still took her into the office for more serious issues, but it changed the way we looked at veterinary care delivery.

For us it was about the stress for our kitty cat, but we realize that not everyone’s pet gets stressed at the veterinarian. Maybe your life is busy and it’s hard to make time for regular visits, or you’re not as mobile as you want to be (or once were) and getting out is difficult, there are many reasons this makes sense for people and their pets.

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