Introducing and Launching the Mollycoddle App.

Some Background: Welcome to a new venture that connects veterinary providers with pet owning clients to deliver in-home veterinary care.  Mollycoddle provides a platform for veterinarians and pet owners to find each other.  Veterinary providers can define their geography, services, availability and rates.  Pet owners can narrow their search and limit results to veterinary providers that fit their criteria and location. The Mollycoddle App is available on both iOS and Android and can be found by searching for Home Pet Care in the App Store and on Google Play.

The Challenge:  As you can imagine, we need to educate the market about this approach to veterinary care.  We know we have a compelling story for both veterinary providers and pet owning clients.  We are providing veterinarians with sound business reasons to embrace this as part of their services, and we are making it easy and cost effective for them to do so.  It is difficult however, to knock on every vet’s door to tell them about the App and it’s benefits.  On the other hand, we KNOW pet owning clients want this!

Our Approach:  We’re going to use a non-traditional approach to connect these two groups.  We are asking pet owners that believe in this service to download the Mollycoddle App so we can provide veterinarians with data that shows this service is wanted and needed.  Doing this means potentially frustrating our pet owning clients, as there will initially be limited, or in some areas no veterinary providers signed up.  We know this can be frustrating…but most veterinarians are business minded, and once they see there is an underserved market, we believe the canny ones will adjust their delivery model to serve it.

The Ask:  

  • First, download the Mollycoddle App.  It’s free, takes up minimal space and doesn’t have ads.
  • Use the app and let us know what you like and don’t like.  We’ll compile a list of enhancements and make improvements where possible.
  • Ask your veterinarian if they’ve heard of it (unlikely at this point), and if they plan to leverage this platform; tell them you want it!
  • Feel free to have your vet contact us if they have questions, comments or feedback. The app was built to help others that struggle with clinic visits like we do, but it really needs to be a Vet friendly application to be successful.  We think we created that, but are open to enhancing and improving it based on feedback.  We can be reached at
  • Share with your social networks so others can spread the word and validate the desire to have this market served.

Finally:  Give us feedback.  We love answering questions, and of course we always want to improve.

We will continue to educate the veterinary community about the App as well as the need for this offering.  We’ll also spend time continuing to enhance and improve the App.

Check the App regularly to see if you have veterinary providers signed up in your area.

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