Next Steps – Getting The Word Out

IN our last article we talked about downloading the app, obtaining user feedback, and the need to generate awareness within the veterinary community.

For those early adopters that already downloaded the app, THANK YOU.  Also, thanks for any and all feedback you provided, we find end user reviews and comments invaluable, as this is how we enhance the app with features to improve its functionality and usability.

We knew it would take a little time to get the word out to our Vet friends, but when we had early discussions with them, they wanted to see a product (the app) – which we now have. We are also validating there is a definite market for this approach.  Next steps for us  – hopefully with your assistance (see below):

If you are a pet owner / pet parent

  • Please download the app. Even without broad based vet signups (yet), it will still help with the continued validation of our approach.
  • Ask / tell your vet about it, let them know this approach is something you would utilize.
  • Continue to share with your family, friends and social media.
  • Send us questions and feedback.

If you are a veterinarian

  • Please download the app. It doesn’t cost anything, and it will give you an opportunity to evaluate how it works.
  • Submit questions and feedback. We want to hear from you so we can continue to improve the app to fit your needs.  We built this because we absolutely believe this model is appropriate for many pets and their parents, but we also want it to be an effective tool for you to utilize within your practice.  It was built to allow you to set parameters such as geography, calendar, services and rates.
  • Come visit our booth at the AVMA conference in Denver. We will be in booth 1533. You will also have a chance to win prizes : )

Finally, give us feedback.  We love answering questions, and of course we always want to improve.

Next:   We will continue to work with the veterinary community to help answer questions about the App and of course, listen to feedback.  We’ll also spend time continuing to enhance and improve the App.

Check the Mollycoddle App regularly to see if you have providers or clients signed up in your area.

By the Way:  We are now on twitter – follow us at homevetvisit, our tweets will also contain #homevetvisit.



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