Veterinarian Sample Calculator

Some veterinarians may be wondering what financial impact leveraging the Mollycoddle app could have.  To help answer those questions, we created what we think is an easy to use calculator that allows you to test different scenarios to determine if you or your practice could benefit from utilizing the Mollycoddle app.

We know it’s just simple math, but sometimes it helps to see it   : )

Click the link to download the Sample Calculator in an Excel format (or you can email and request a copy be sent to you).

EMAIL and request the calculator.  Email may be the better option as online solutions are sometimes limited based on what services you subscribe to and what version(s) of software you are utilizing.

Also, the download will likely open as a read only, so you will need to “save as” to your desktop, which could still end up being read only.  The easier solution is to just request it be emailed : )

 Click Here To Download Calculator

You can also watch the corresponding video for a quick tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet (link below).

Click Here to Watch the Spreadsheet Tutorial Video

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

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