This dog is really Great!

Our friends Deb & Kevin gave us permission to share the story of their sweet 2 yr old Great Dane, Smudge.

Smudge is an exceptionally sweet dog, but he doesn’t realize how big he is (look at those paws!), and he thinks every other dog in the world wants to play…including the ones he meets in the waiting rooms at the veterinarian’s office. It’s no small task for Deb & Kevin to keep him from being his naturally social self at the vet, and as much fun as Smudge can be, a vet visit  isn’t exactly something they look forward to.

In addition, Smudge is a BIG boy and isn’t always easy to maneuver into the car for his trip to the vet. If Deb or Kevin are left to do this by themselves, it can be really challenging to make the trip into the clinic. It’s not that Smudge gets stressed going to the veterinarian’s office, but Deb and Kevin think taking some visits at the house would be helpful.

Their story is just one of the reasons the Mollycoddle app was created, to make life easier for the patient, the parents and in this example maybe even some of the other patients in the waiting area : )

We know you just want to have fun, Smudge, but you just don’t understand how big and full of energy you are! We think the idea of an in-home veterinarian visit would be nice for this pawsome family!

Do you think in-home vet visits would be helpful for you and your family? We would love to share your story, feel free to send us a note, or share your story on our Facebook page (be sure to include a picture of your fur-baby : )

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