SWVS 2018- Post Conference

We attended #SWVS18 for several reasons:

  1. It’s in Texas…we’re in Texas!
  2. We liked the title “The Future of Care”, because we believe Mollycoddle will be part of the future of veterinary care.
  3. We had awesome shirts we wanted to wear.
  4. …but most importantly, we wanted to share our story with the Veterinarians and the many other industry professionals that attended.

The conference provided an opportunity to meet so many talented and passionate people, which is something that really motivates us. Engaging with our end users face to face is always a treat, and being able to share the Mollycoddle app, while answering questions and obtaining feedback in person was incredibly valuable – in fact, we’ve already made an App enhancement based on feedback we received at the conference.

Many of the attendees heard us share how the Mollycoddle App can help generate NEW revenue from an underserved market.  The stories of those that need in-home veterinary care range from stressed out animals to people that have mobility challenges, busy people, etc.  For the veterinarian, there are several opportunities to generate new revenue, increase referrals, differentiate yourself and provide a service to countless pets that may not otherwise be receiving care.

We also learned that some of you aren’t super comfortable with change – which we totally understand.  To paraphrase one of our favorite quotes… you can’t alter the wind, but you can certainly adjust your sails. We believe the wind is changing, and Mollycoddle wants to help you adjust your sails : )

There were many of you we didn’t get to meet, but you can still benefit from the Mollycoddle App.  Please visit our website to learn more about us, and of course feel free to download our App available on both Apple and Android devices.

Finally, don’t be shy – if you have questions, you can email us at support@mollycoddleyourpet.com, or just give us a call at 214.783.9448.



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