Make 2020 less stressful for your pet!

It’s been an exciting time for Mollycoddle, from conferences to road trips including visits to some of the best veterinary schools in the country.  We also continued to share our story through our blog and social media posts to discuss the importance of in-home veterinary care.

For 2020, we are asking for people who have pets, that would also like to have in-home veterinary care, to download the Mollycoddle App. Part of what we learned in 2018 is that some veterinarians want to see how big the market is before they agree to add in-home care as one of their offerings. This means that you may not immediately have access to an in-home veterinary provider, but your download will definitely help validate the need and size of the market for our veterinarian friends.

We believe many services can be provided in the home environment, making life less stressful for the pet. The need is real and the client base is large (very large), we just need to help veterinarians understand this and provide a model that makes business sense for them.

Please download and share the Mollycoddle App available on iOS and Android – learn more at

Our mission is to make high quality, in-home veterinary care available for pets….all pets deserve care! We help independent, family owned and community-based veterinarians compete, grow and most importantly provide care to pets in need.

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