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Oklahoma State University – 2019

We had an opportunity to share the Mollycoddle story with some awesome veterinary students at Oklahoma State University

We shared why we started Mollycoddle…to lower the stress associated with the clinic visit for our personal kitty cat, Ashley. As the story goes, it’s not the veterinarian that stressed Ash out, it was the experience of being put into a carrier, the car ride and the hustle and bustle of the clinic that made her unhappy (for days). 

Don presenting

We talked a little during the session about the need for change in the industry, and also talked offline with a few students about the need to make veterinary care more accessible for those that can’t make it into a clinic with their pet.  We also shared a lot of numbers and statistics (sorry…we’re very analytical in nature).  Although not always exciting, data doesn’t lie, and these numbers really emphasize the need for an enhanced delivery model for veterinary care.  There is a large, unserved market, that needs to be addressed.  This market can create a tremendous revenue opportunity for veterinarians, but more importantly it will provide care to pets that may not otherwise receive it. 

Cheryl / OSU Veterinary Hospital

Other topics covered were related to how different categories of veterinarians could leverage the app, including relief, retired, integrative / holistic medicine, specialized (e.g. poultry), new vets as well as traditional clinics.  On the client / pet parent side we talked about how this would benefit busy people, people with limited mobility, animals with limited mobility and the fact that consumers expect a more personalized service in today’s market. 

Don with a giant flea!

The group was very engaging and asked some great questions about the app, how payment works (secure through Braintree, a PayPal company) integrative medicine as an option, in home Euthanasia, how to find clients, etc. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the leadership of this group.  They were incredibly professional to work with from our very first interaction. Thank you for generating interest to assure good attendance, and making us feel welcome when we arrived and presented!

The trip from our location in Texas to Stillwater was also interesting…the distance was in-between driving and flying, so we drove, and the scenery and people didn’t disappoint. Highly recommend stopping at the Chickasaw Nation Welcome Center in Davis, OK…the facility has some great gift items and there is a chocolate factory on the premises called bedre’ – even if you don’t like chocolate, the staff here are so kind and friendly that it’s worth the stop. 

The Mollycoddle Mission: 

Our mission is to make high quality, in-home veterinary care available for pets….all pets deserve care! We help independent, family owned and community-based veterinarians compete, grow and most importantly provide care to pets in need.

…and how we will deliver:

Mollycoddle will provide solutions for veterinarians that have a passion for treating animals and understand the value of doing so in the pet’s home environment, which we believe will enhance the patient and customer experience.

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