Veterinarians – why providing in-home care makes sense

Many of the reasons providing in-home veterinary care makes sense for the patient have been well documented and can be found using any search engine (or on our website).  What is not as well documented is why it makes sense for veterinarians.

If you are a veterinarian, here are a few reasons providing in-home care may make sense for you:

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  1. There is a need. Based on published numbers, there are huge populations of pets that are not receiving enough, or in some instances, any veterinary care. If your interest in becoming a veterinarian was to provide care for those in need, there is a huge market for you to serve.
  2. Flexibility of schedule…if you don’t like the routine of a traditional schedule, this approach to care may be for you – take control of your calendar and work when it makes sense for you.
  3. Flexibility of salary…by setting your own rates. Providing in-home care is seen as a premium service by many clients.
  4. Flexibility of services…by defining what type and level of care you want to deliver, without having to worry about production numbers.
  5. A way to supplement down time for relief vets.
  6. A way to pay down debt, for example for new vets with student loans (while potentially generating referrals for the clinic you work in, because it’s likely any in-home patients you see are not already seeing a veterinarian).  
  7. A way to continue to practice after retirement…at your own pace.
  8. For vets offering Integrative Medicine options, like acupuncture – pets requiring this type of care may be difficult to transport.
  9. You will be appreciated.  Although most vets are already greatly appreciated for the services they provide, someone that provides in-home care is treasured…this is because the patients you see in the home are likely unable to come to you.  This service is a game changer for many. 
  10. Did we mention there is a need!  This is all about the care needed by a patient that would otherwise not receive it.

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