Mollycoddle FAQ's

Should the Mollycoddle app be used for Emergency Care?

No. The Mollycoddle app was NOT designed to connect clients with emergency care solutions for your pet. If you need emergency care, please go to a veterinary location that can administer emergency care.

What if my current Veterinarian is not using the Mollycoddle app, can I still use it?

Yes, however if you only want to work with your current vet, and they are not using the Mollycoddle app, you will need to ask them to download it. If they don’t want to use it, you will either need to continue to follow their procedures, or establish a relationship with a different vet for in-home care.

What if during the in-home visit the Vet can't conduct their evaluation due to challenges with the pet not being ``cooperative``, will I still be charged?

The “Home Visit” charge would remain. If there are disputes around this, use the "" selection on the App and alert Mollycoddle.

Does the Mollycoddle App offer services other than Home Visit, Lab, Vaccinations and Prescriptions?

The veterinarian has flexibility to capture additional services in the app when closing out the appointment.  The original list of offerings (Home Visit, Lab, Vaccinations and Prescriptions) were selected because our research has defined these services as the most likely to be requested and provided using an in-home model, but we have also added integrative care offerings (things like acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.) and we are evaluating some additional offerings based on recent feedback from veterinarians.   As Mollycoddle evolves we may discover other services make sense...if / when  we do, we will evaluate the benefits of adding them.

What if it is determined that my pet needs additional care?

If the in-home evaluation identifies issues that require a more in-depth evaluation, the attending Veterinarian will make that recommendation. You can then make an appointment with a veterinarian that provides those services, which may be the attending vet, or the attending Vet may be able to make a referral for you if they do not offer those services. This is your decision. Any notes from their assessment should be shared with you and any new / additional veterinary providers. The attending veterinarian is responsible for keeping their own notes and medical records, Mollycoddle is not a medical record repository.

Can Vets using the Mollycoddle app administer shots?

Yes (typically), an in-home veterinarian should be able to provide annual and / or currently needed shots & vaccines once a relationship with them has been established. It is important to provide and share information with any other veterinary providers to assure regularly scheduled shots are not missed or administered too early.

Can the in-home provider do blood work, urinalysis, fecal exam (for parasites)?

Possibly, if lab access has been arranged through an individual vet clinic or lab. You will need to discuss with the attending Vet.

What is typically included in a ``Home Visit`` exam?

In general, a Home Visit assesses: body weight, mouth/teeth, eyes, ears, skin, heart, lungs, GI tract and other abdominal organs as well as muscles and joints. Each veterinarian has their own approach and protocols and this may vary based on veterinary provider and each situation.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

Since providers schedule their days around appointments, we require a 24- hour notice to cancel. If you don't cancel in that time, you may be charged the Home Visit fee.

Can I sign up and schedule appointments through a website online?

No. Everything is handled through the Mollycoddle App. available on Android and iOS.

How does the Mollycoddle app determine rates?

The Mollycoddle app does not determine the rate, rather the veterinary provider does. Each provider's rate could be different depending on their costs and operating model. A client can choose what provider to select based on specific criteria, including rate.

Can a veterinary provider add or remove services after the appointment has been made?

Yes.  If it is discovered that additional services were required, the attending veterinarian can adjust the services prior to appointment close / check out.  The same holds true if requested services are not performed, they can be removed.

Why are the appointments scheduled for 2 hours?

There are several variables that went into this decision.  Basically, each Home Visit allows for both the appointment and travel time, so it’s more a two-hour window than an appointment.  We did however error on the side of allowing more time vs. less, as we didn’t want any appointment to be “rushed”.  We realize some appointments may be more straight forward, and others may run long, for example where a home has multiple pets.  We would encourage the veterinarian to email or call their next appointment if running late, or if they are done early they may be able to start the next appointment ahead of schedule.  If we discover the time needs to be different than what is currently offered, we'll consider enhancing the Mollycoddle App to accommodate additional models.

Why do some of the words look too big on my device?

Some devices allow for custom themes and fonts.  It is difficult to account for every variable in the App.  If you find it difficult to use, you may want to consider resetting your device theme back to it’s default selection.

Does Mollycoddle offer appointments over the phone / video?

No.  We considered this as an offering, but believe it is important to have “hands on” exams.

Will the Veterinarian bring an assistant with them?

Each Veterinarian will define the care delivery model they use.  Some may prefer to have a tech / assistant with them, while others may choose to do the visit on their own.  Some of this may be dependent on the type of appointment and level of assistance required.  If you have questions about this, you should contact the selected provider prior to the appointment.

What operating systems does Mollycoddle work on?

iOS and Android

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