Integrative Veterinary Medicine – Revenue Opportunity

You are certified in Integrative Veterinary Medicine…finding clients just got easier.

You can wait for clients to come to you, or you can go to your clients!

The Mollycoddle App connects veterinarians like you with pet owners to deliver in-home veterinary care, which is a great place to treat pets that need care…and it fits especially well for many treatments that are categorized as Integrative Medicine.

People who understand the need for a mix of traditional and integrative medicine are more likely to be open to unique approaches to care, including providing in-home care.

Beyond Integrative Medicine – in general, there are a tremendous number of pets that are not being treated today because it may be too stressful for them to go to the clinic, or their human parents are too busy or find it physically challenging to take them in for care.  Whatever the reason, the pet shouldn’t suffer and go untreated.

In case you are wondering, there is no cost to download or set up the Mollycoddle App.  The only cost is a transaction fee if you use it, and the App allows you to set your rate and even shows you how much you will net after fees for each transaction, so you can adjust your pricing to assure you are able to net the amount you want.

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Download the Mollycoddle App on both Apple and Android devices – search for Mollycoddle Home Pet Care…or you can go directly to the app in each store by using the links at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to try it, let us know – we may be able to help promote you as a veterinary provider in your area. Our contact information is shown below.

Watch a video on how to navigate the app here.


Phone: 214.783.9448

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