Relief Veterinarians – Revenue Opportunity

Generate supplemental income, and do it on your terms.

As a relief vet you probably enjoy independence and flexibility.  You would probably also appreciate the ability to define your own schedule, the services you provide, the type of animals you treat, the geography you want to practice in, and even the salary you want to earn.

This is exactly what you can do with the Mollycoddle App – it connects veterinarians like you with pet owners who want in-home veterinary care.

There are a tremendous number of pets that are not being treated today because it may be too stressful for them to go to the clinic, or their human parents are too busy or find it physically challenging to take them in for regular care.  Whatever the reason, the pet shouldn’t suffer and go untreated.

Pets need your help! We believe many pets are not making it to a clinic for regular care…there are some who suggest that over half of all pets never make it to a veterinary clinic.

For our feline friends there is even further reason. If you believe the published industry numbers, cats see a veterinarian 1.6 times / year and dogs 2.6 times / year.  There is no reason cats should see a veterinarian any less often.  There are an estimated 74 million cats in the United States, meaning there are 74 million annual veterinary visits for cats not happening (2.6 visits per dog – 1.6 visits per cat = 1.0 difference multiplied by 74 million).  By the way, we think dogs should see a vet more often too!

Strengthen your relationships with veterinary clinics in your geography. The pets you treat using the Mollycoddle App are likely pets that are not otherwise receiving veterinary care, and when those pets need more in depth care or procedures, you can refer them to clinics you have relationships with. This helps grow their client base, while positioning you as an indispensable partner for them.

In case you are wondering, there is no cost to download or set up the Mollycoddle App.  The only cost is a transaction fee if you use it, and the App allows you to set your rate and even shows you how much you will net after fees for each transaction, so you can adjust pricing to assure you are able to net the amount you want.

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Download the Mollycoddle App on both Apple and Android devices – search for Mollycoddle Home Vet Care…or you can go directly to the app in each store by using the links shown above or at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to try it, let us know – we will likely be able to advertise on your behalf in the zip codes you service at no cost to you. Our contact information is shown below.

Watch a video on how to navigate the app here.


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