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Hello fellow Alumni –

...my wife and I are both UCF College of Business grads and we recently launched a new app called Mollycoddle. It’s an app service that connects veterinarians with pet owners to deliver in-home veterinary care…think of it like Uber for veterinarians.  Our business model has a chicken and egg challenge, and we are in the process of educating both sides of the market. When we talk to veterinary providers, they want to know how many clients are signed up, and when we talk to pet owning clients, they want to know how many veterinary providers are offering services near them.

The ask:

  1. Download the free Mollycoddle app,
    this will help us tell the story to veterinarians (i.e. there are users that want / need your services).
  2. Share our story with your social networks. Organic, word of mouth marketing can be very helpful in our efforts.
  3. Does anyone know if the Marketing or Entrepreneurship programs ever take on projects for small businesses, specifically to generate awareness? I did something like this in my MBA program and it was great experience for the student and the business…we would be open to this.
  4. Learn more about us at www.homevetvisit.com. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram,
    LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Thanks, and please feel free to
connect with me on LinkedIn

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